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Original Methods of Self Defense: Practical Self-Defense


Learn the best way to defend yourself with these original tried-and-true methods
Everyone has disagreements now and then, and in worst-case scenarios, even the simplest disagreements can turn physical. When walking away isn’t an option, learn how to quickly and easily defend yourself with Original Self-Defense Methods: Practical Self-Defense. In this new edition of the classic self-defense guide, you’ll learn how to defend yourself when:

  • Being attacked from behind
  • Being held up by a revolver [gun]
  • Being struck in the face
  • Being struck in the stomach
  • Being attacked by a dog
  • And more!
You’ll also read all about different arm holds, tips and tricks to get the upper hand over your assailant right from the start of the attack, and how to defend yourself without injuring your opponent. With the original photographs and easy-to-follow instructions in Original Self-Defense Methods: Practical Self-Defense, you’ll never have to worry about what to do when facing an assault.