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Punch!, Vol. 2

Book #2 of Punch!
Published by VIZ Media LLC
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Sometimes love can feel like a punch in the face!!

Her mother was a wrestling champion, her father a lightweight world boxing champion, and her grandfather the first Japanese to become the world champion of Muay Thai kick boxing--but high school girl Elle doesn't want to fight! She just wants a normal life, but is it possible with such a violent family history?

Elle has her first date with the scrappy young street fighter named Kazuki, who has recently started training at her grandfather's renowned gym, but the date may be ruined when she burns her face while cooking! Meanwhile, Elle's fiancé has secretly been dating Kazuki's blind sister in a twisted attempt to get revenge. With his first real boxing match on the line, how will Kazuki react when he finds out?

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