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An Infographic History of the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights

Illustrated by Rebecca Strickson
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Celebrate the remarkable stories, events, and landmarks of the global LGBTQ+ movement with this inspirational and empowering infographic guide to the path toward equality throughout history.

There have been many ups and downs during the long and arduous fight for LGBTQ+ rights all over the world, but it helps to have a visual and joyful timeline of events to see just how far the movement has come. Queerstory is an accessible infographic of the global LGBTQ+ movement over the past 100 years that provides the perfect overview of all the significant people and events that changed the course of history.

Telling a visual story through graphically represented statistics, key dates and events, quotes, and facts about rights, campaigns, and queer pioneers, this easy-to-read and inspiring guide is sure to provide a jolt of empowerment for the next generation of LGBTQ+ activists and allies.

Rebecca Strickson is an artist and illustrator based in Peckham in the United Kingdom. Her intricate hand-rendered designs have been featured on a series of Royal Mail stamps and on London’s Carnaby Street. Her clients include Sony, Columbia Records, Kenco, and Channel 4. She also illustrated the infographic feminist timeline Together We Stand.