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Reaching Beyond Boundaries

A Navy SEAL's Guide to Achieving Everything You've Ever Imagined

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

From New York Times bestselling author and Navy SEAL Don Mann and Kraig Becker, advice on how to make your dreams a reality.

For the last decade, decorated Navy SEAL, accomplished athlete, and bestselling author Don Mann has been traveling across the country giving motivational talks and, in the process, inspiring hundreds with the secrets behind his awe-inspiring achievements. In Reaching beyond Boundaries, Mann brings his much sought-after wisdom to the page. Chapters include:

  • The Combat Mindset
  • Setting Micro and Macro Goals
  • Learning from Failure
  • Learning from Success
  • What Navy SEAL Training Taught Me
  • Eliminating Excuses
  • It’s Never too Late to Get Started
  • And much more!

As an elite Navy SEAL, Mann performed seemingly impossible tasks on a regular basis. Here he details the lessons he learned from his training and shows how the rest of us can apply those teachings to our daily lives in terms of learning to push beyond our internal boundaries and achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves, both professionally and personally. Reaching Beyond Boundaries teaches how to set and conquer both micro- and macro-goals through removing excuses, having the right mindset, and learning from successes and failures.

With Reaching Beyond Boundaries you can begin to realize your fullest potential today.

About The Authors

Don Mann’s impressive military resume includes being a decorated combat veteran; corpsman; SEAL special operations technician; jungle survival, desert survival, and arctic survival instructor; small arms weapons, foreign weapons, armed and unarmed defense tactics, and advanced hand-to-hand combat instructor; and Survival, Evade, Resistance, and Escape instructor, in addition to other credentials. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kraig Becker is a freelance writer who specializes in adventure travel, extreme outdoor sports, and gear. His work has appeared in Digital Trends, Muck Rack, Popular Mechanics, and dozens of other magazines and websites. Becker lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (February 26, 2019)
  • Length: 264 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510736672

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Raves and Reviews

"The highest personification, the hard iron integrity of a man, is one who constantly exercises excess to the extreme in every facet of his life. But most strenuously powerful in courage against literally all impossible odds. With steadfast commitment, unwavering dedication to the highest most honorable of ideals. Always with the constant deepest, harshest search of self-exploration and improvement. Of carving inward for self-honesty, humility, grace, benevolent compassion, gentleness, and endless generosity. When all this is forged together in the hottest deadly trials and fires, to be fiercely amalgamated to a finely-honed surgical edge, then any and every impossibility becomes truly possible. Becoming the embodiment of a highly capable, always ready dynamic paradigm shift. A living breathing personification of Manifest Destiny. It is the grandest epitome of the classic mythical selfless Warrior, Hero.
Whether Don, in all his quiet graciousness will admit it or not, my subtle, small description here, has been his entire life.
His latest book, Reaching beyond Boundaries, is not only a carefully crafted compilation of succeeding past his greatest hard life-learned lessons; Don shares it as a strategic guide book for anyone struggling to learn how to crush and exceed any fear and self-limiting doubt. Don easily exhibits how to muster all bravery, to confidently reach over any precarious edge and seize your glory. In short, to successfully, continually conquer the unreachable, the unconquerable again and again, flawlessly. 
If rigorously, purpose-fully practiced, the reader will become truly Limitless in every ambition they pursue. I only know all of this to be genuine and positively actionable in my own life, having learned and has been humbled, under the cruel but sweet, caring tutelage and cherished twenty-five-year friendship with Don." —Jono Senk, US Army Ranger, founder of Hairy Scary Evolutions

“I’ve competed with world-class athletes and a handful of Navy SEALs, a group of insanely gifted and driven individuals, but Don Mann is more than a SEAL with an illustrious military background. The way through which he approaches life and inspires people in sports, business, and in all walks of life, is quite remarkable. Reaching beyond Boundaries is an excellent read on Don’s unique and inspirational philosophy.” —Mike Kloser, world-champion adventure racer and world-champion mountain bike racer

"Brilliant! With Reaching beyond Boundaries, Don Mann has given us a blue print for understanding and using his unique approach for achieving great success in sports, business, and life in general." —Marshall Ulrich, world-class ultramarathon runner, adventure racer, and mountaineer

“This book proves that with proper training, patience, and planning you can do things you never imagined you could do.” —Mike Schnitzka, world-record long distance canoeist and ultra-marathon athlete

"Don Mann and Kraig Becker have crafted a well-written, inspiring, down-to-earth, useable blueprint that will help anyone find their way to getting the best out of themselves in their fitness, their career, their relationship—in short, their life!” —Dave Adlard, adventure racer, race director, and Ironman athlete

"Reaching beyond Boundaries dazzles with inspiration from the first word. A Navy SEAL’s bravery broadens to a myriad of other heroic stories, all of which remind  that the power of the human spirit beats within all of us if we can only be bold enough to drill down to tap it." —Diana Nyad, first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without aid and author of Find a Way

Don Mann is a modern renaissance man of endurance and adventure. Described in tantalizing detail, Reaching beyond Boundaries is his life's journey and lessons wrapped in delicious morsels of wisdom. Look no further if you want inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and reach beyond your boundaries.” —Ian Adamson, ten-time world champion, three-time world record holder, and three-time X-Games medalist

"Don Mann has done it again! Reaching beyond Boundaries has inspired me to reach further within myself to achieve goals, athletic and professional. Meeting Don ten years ago, he encouraged me back into elite level endurance races after more than a decade of inactivity. Now I’m going after master mile records and will utilize the tools Don has shared.” —Keith Schumann, MD, Xterra Off-Road Triathlon elite racer and masters running champion

"Reaching beyond Boundaries is great blueprint to help someone find success and possible fulfillment in life. Don Mann uses his experience as a US Navy SEAL who lived at the very tip of the spear in the special operations world along with his passion for adventure to inspire success. Don has coupled his experiences with stories from other great overachievers and how they learned to reach beyond to accomplish absolutely mind-blowing feats. His book breaks it down to an easily digestible version so that everyone can benefit from understanding how to get the most out of themselves. Don helps you understand that both success and defeat are beneficial as learning tools for future success. It’s a hard book to put down once you start reading. The stories are mind blowing." —Blain Reeves, Best Ranger champion, Beast of the East champion, road cycling champion, and ultra marathoner

“Don Mann is a world-class athlete, retired Navy SEAL, and an amazing human being. I've seen his leadership in action and have been stymied by his ability to repeatedly accomplish seemingly impossible feats. Don's gift to us mere mortals is demystifying the impossible.  His stories illustrate how failure is integral to success, and how small goals over time can lead to big successes. A thrilling read that anyone from a high school athlete reaching for an NCAA scholarship to a manager looking for her next promotion can benefit from in short order. Read this book!” —David Takata, CEO Engage Capital, institutional investor, and Wall Street Journal All-Star Technology Analyst

"Don Mann’s Reaching beyond Boundaries is a wonderful mix of hard learned life lessons, training opportunities only a select few elite warriors ever experience and timeless stories of exceptional individuals. This book describes lessons that everyone can gain real insights from. I’ve had the opportunity to call Don a friend, a boss, a mentor, and a tormentor for over twenty years and he is truly inspiring and great role model.” —Chris Caul, ultra endurance adventure racer and off-road Iron Man competitor
"Don Mann shared his personal experiences of determination and mental toughness with a powerful will to succeed. Reaching beyond Boundaries not only inspired me to set more goals for myself, but to teach this mindset to my two young sons." —Jennifer Marciante, elite obstacle course racer, avid cyclist, and avid paddler

"The message that Don Mann has conveyed through Reaching beyond Boundaries is truly remarkable. The first few pages already inspire and motivate the reader to be better in every aspect of life. The stories about his own conquests and those of relatively unknown heroes redefining the limits set on the human mind and book make this book a must read!" —Patrick Frandji, professional tennis coach

“Don Mann dishes out raw inspiration from the very first page. If Teddy Roosevelt were still with us he would call Reaching beyond Boundaries a prescription for a strenuous life of the mind as well as the body. In an age where “good-enough-ism” seems pervasive, Mann’s book tells us to reach instead for the stars." — Robert Klose, author of Long Live Grover Cleveland,winner of the USA Book News and Ben Franklin Literary Awards, professor at the University of Maine

“Don’s book, Reaching beyond Boundaries, is an amazing compilation of his life’s story. Not only is it the memoir of a decorated hero and Navy SEAL, it is also an inspiration to us all, by seeing the way he pulled himself up, never stopped going forward, and has never looked back. More than just Don’s story, it is a celebration of life. Don mixes stories of his adventures as a Navy SEAL with his amazing accomplishments of his second life as an extreme athlete. He also gives us a wonderful history lesson to us pointing out how others in all walks of life from athlete to politician have overcome adversity to succeed. Reading his book was an inspiration to me and I have already started to set my goals higher by simply just going one step further than I thought I could.” —Col (Dr) Walter C. Rustmann, USAF (R)

"This book will motivate and spark the indomitable warrior spirit in anyone, and inspire them to achieve any goal they wish. As a Marine wounded in combat in Vietnam, and as an ultra-endurance athlete, this book even inspired me to seek out more athletic challenges at age seventy-two! I yelled out "Ooo rah" many times reading the chapters and giving this my up most endorsement. Don't settle for mediocre." —Steve Bozeman, winner of the George Rogers Champion of Freedom Award, inductee into the Sports Hall of Fame of Central Virginia, Marine of the Year for state of Virginia, Vietnam veteran of the Year for the state of Virginia

"Every leader who's ever set "stretch" goals for their team or themselves knows the first obstacle they have to overcome: self-doubt that the "unattainable" goal is really that. But Don Mann's life is example after example that the right mindset, and the right focus on achieving micro goals to get to macro one, can make the impossible real, again and again. It's an extraordinary lesson and it makes this book a critical volume in any leadership library." — Vincent Valvo, CEO of American Business Media

“I have known and trained with Don Mann since 2005. As a doctor, and prior Navy and a professional strength coach, I can honestly say I’ve learned my most important life skills for overcoming adversity from Don and his combat mindset/no boundaries training. It has helped me to be a better business owner, doctor, husband, and man. There is not a person alive that cannot benefit from not only reading this book, but using it as a study guide. The only thing better is training with Don in person!” —Dr. Stephen M. Erle, president, Integrative Regional Medical Center

Reaching beyond Boundaries is Navy SEAL Don Mann's blueprint for going far beyond what any of us ever thought possible in our lives. Don shows us that the boundaries we set for ourselves in life are too confining, and that most of us aim too low out of fear and self-doubt. By doing this, we are limiting our potential in life! By using the techniques of macro- and micro-goal setting, Don describes a plan for pushing beyond personal boundaries with a positive mindset that will lead to success far beyond what any of us have dreamed possible. The book is full of real-life examples from Don's distinguished military career and from other outstanding individuals who have reached far beyond what seemed possible to obtain success in their lives. This book is a masterpiece of planning for living your life to the fullest!” —Norm Creel, Navy SEAL (retired)

"Don Mann's Reaching Beyond Boundaries turns the traditional way of setting goals on its head.The problem isn't that we set goals that are too unrealistic; it's that we set goals that are too easy to accomplish, achieve them and remain complacent. It's an impressive read, weaving Don's own experiences with the Navy SEALS and as a world-class athlete with the stories of others, some famous, some not, who have accomplished extraordinary feats that inevitably have more to do with mindset than physical stamina. I have worked with Don and the book reinforces what I'd learned from him as a colleague; that it's possible to accomplish more in a day, a week, a year than you'd ever thought possible. I consider his perspective on getting the most out of life, every single day, to be both wise and wholly achievable.” —Zachary Wyatt, Central Intelligence Agency (retired)

"Another riveting presentation by Don Mann. As a surgeon, I believe that the concept of micro goals leading to macro goals is the most practical advice available related to the rigors of medical education, residency training, and the lifelong practice of medicine. As a dad, I believe this book facilitates discussions with our children regarding life choices and aspirations. Don is a badass, and few will be his equal, but most of us benefit tremendously because we sit on the shoulder of giants."—Dr. Buddy Flynn, surgeon

"Don Mann is a truly inspirational figure and his book, Reaching beyond Boundaries, is a fascinating read. It will motivate you to achieve your goals whether they are athletic, professional, or personal. Don’s own story is incredible in and of itself. From the Navy SEALs to adventure racing to Mt. Everest, Don has done it all. His book, however, also includes inspiring stories about ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things though shear will and perseverance. If you are thinking of starting a business, climbing a mountain or just running a 5K, you need to read this book first." —Jeff Emde, Central Intelligence Agency (ret.)

"What a fantastic and gripping read. Each story is full of adventure and drama and the passion and integrity of the author shines through on every page. I was unable to put the book down and by the end felt totally inspired and ready to tackle anything!” —Dr. Keith Murray, multi-sport World Champion

"I love, love, love this book! I’ve had the honor of training and racing with Don Mann as a teammate in brutal conditions over ultra-distances and multiple days so let me start by saying Don Mann is the real deal. He’s an amazing and gifted extreme, multi-sport athlete, a passionately dedicated career Navy SEAL and a wildly successful entrepreneur. Don has never faced an obstacle without one thought in mind, “Let’s get over, under, through or around it.” When we trained together his motto was, “Go hard or go home.” This man truly does not see limits in himself or others. In Reaching Beyond Boundaries Don outlines step-by-step what it takes to achieve not only goals but a life that reflects the passion to remove any obstacle to personal mastery. There are numerous books written by athletes, Navy SEALs, and successful entrepreneurs on how to achieve high performance—this book stands alone in the magical way Don has woven edge-of-your-seat story-telling, scientific based-research into human peak performance, applicable principals for personal success, and a passionate call to those who are ready to leave complacency, excuses, and doubt behind to achieve beyond any boundary whether in fitness, business, or life. Great books inspire the mind, body and spirit—Don Mann has accomplished this in Reaching Beyond Boundaries. This book will be mandatory reading for all my coaching clients." —Juli Lynch, PhD, psychologist, ultra-distance athlete, and  founder of Epala®, an equine-facilitated leadership development organization

“Don Mann is a true leader and an inspiration. He inspires by leading from the front with a positive mindset and emphasizes the importance of being goal driven. He illustrates how, with grit, fortitude, and a strong plan, one can meet any challenge. The book Reaching beyond Boundaries is a must read and a testament to what has been accomplished and an inspiration to those seeking accomplishment through new challenges!” —Kathy Roche-Wallace, decorated ultra-athlete and American Cross-Country record holder in 800m, 1600m, 3000m, 50,000m, and 10,000m

"Reaching beyond Boundaries helps one to understand the importance of mental fortitude and demonstrates how our human bodies are capable of achieving amazing feats beyond one’s imagination. It was really exciting to hear about Don’s personal experiences. They are like an action thriller novel that is not fiction. Combined with all the stories of people Don admires and hearing about how they achieved success in their respective fields of endeavor by having a clear vision and strong mind, provides for a great read. I highly recommend this book!” —Carlos Centurion, CEO Centurion Restaurant Group


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