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Revolution World

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“Seriously, buy this book right now. It’s goddamn amazing and it has fire-breathing cows .”
- Chris Roberson, writer of iZombie
Revolution World is an over-the-top bio-punk adventure novel featuring fire-breathing cows, ninja Pomeranians, marijuana bombs, hovercars, laser guns, and vampires. Set in a near-future, post-ecological and post-economic collapse, Revolution World chronicles the romance between rogue genetic engineer Clio Somata, and martial-artist computer-programmer Seth Boucher. Sadly, the road of love is never easy... in this case, an overreaching US military establishment and an evil multi-national bioengineering firm has decided that they want what Clio and her family has — cutting edge bio-technology. The conflict between the Somata clan and the US government ends up being the catalyst that drives a bunch of libertarian Texan gamers to declare a revolt against the oppressive US government, kicking off a new Texas Revolution!

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