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Runes for the Green Witch

An Herbal Grimoire

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

A magickal guide to working with runes and plant allies for manifestation, healing, and spellwork

• Examines the herb and plant connections of each of the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark as well as correspondences with deities, astrology, tarot, and crystals

• Provide examples and tips on how runes and plants may be combined within spells and ritual for manifesting, protecting, healing, banishing, and more

• Explains how runes and plants can be worked with for the soulful process of rewilding and connecting with Mother Nature

In this magickal grimoire, herbalist witch Nicolette Miele immerses readers in the wisdom and folklore of the 24 Elder Futhark runes as well as their correspondences with deities, astrology, tarot, crystals, and plants. Each chapter begins by discussing the etymology, meanings, mythology, divination, correspondences, and magick of a particular rune and culminates with profiles of several herbs and plants that possess similar magickal energies. Each plant profile delves into the magickal, metaphysical, traditional, and medicinal applications as well as how to work with these incredible plant allies.

For example, the author connects Fehu, the rune of wealth and value, with the practice of altar-building, making offerings, and with alfalfa, cedar, dandelion, and other plants traditionally used in abundance and prosperity magick. In the chapter on Kenaz, the rune of heat and illumination, the nature connection is nurtured through the element of fire and a step-by-step bindrune candle ritual. The plants connected with Kenaz are those that embody the characteristics of fire—such as passion, ferocity, and sexuality— and include clove, damiana, and kava kava.

Guiding the green witch through the benefits and strengths of synergistic magick, this book helps eclectic magickal practitioners advance their craft through folk magick and medicine, rituals, meditations, spells, and the soulful process of rewilding and connecting with Mother Nature.

About The Author

Nicolette Miele is a pagan, writer, rune worker, and herbalist. She has practiced witchcraft for more than 20 years with focuses on runes, folk herbalism, alchemy, and trance meditation. She is the owner and operator of Handfuls of Dust Apothecary LLC, offering rune readings and handmade ritual products. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Raves and Reviews

“Nicolette Miele’s Runes for the Green Witch is a masterclass in correspondences, providing a unique and holistic approach to the intersection of runic mysteries and herbalism. Prepare to be guided by Nicolette’s passion and expertise; from the introduction to the runic formulary of oils, teas, spell bottles, and more, you’ll fall in love with the system presented in this book. Filled with folklore, medicinal applications, personal insight, and clever correspondences, Runes for the Green Witch is sure to become a classic reference book for the ages.”

– Nicholas Pearson, author of Flower Essences from the Witch’s Garden and Stones of the Goddess

“This book is like having four volumes wrapped up in one. Not only is there well-researched information on the runes themselves, the book also offers correspondences for each of the Futhark to use for magical purposes. This comprehensive herbal grimoire knits plant magic into the fold, and the reader is also presented with personal experiential tales offered by the author.”

– Maja D’Aoust, Witch of the Dawn and author of Familiars in Witchcraft

"Nicolette’s Miele’s Runes for the Green Witch gathers a wealth of useful information on the Elder Futhark Runes and the plants and herbs that correspond to each one. The explanations of the runes are thoughtful, and they are followed by lists of general correspondences to elements, chakras, moon phases,and plants, with concise information about the energetic and medicinal properties of each plant. Runes for the Green Witch is an exceptional reference book about runes and the plants that work well with them."

– Catherine Thureson, Foreword Reviews

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