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A. Clarence Shandon was just an MBA from Wisconsin before a shipwreck transported him to the shores of the fantastic Commonwealth of Letters. He journeys through history and myth, meeting unforgettable names from Circe to Robin Hood along the way. But the journey changes him from the studious, conceited academic to a legend in his own right: Silverlock.

“Incomperable fun. There are few such glorious romps in all of literature . . . discoveries, achievements, battles, feasts, drinking bouts, lovemaking, unabashed joy, celebration of life - What more do you want? Well, as a matter of fact, you get a great deal more . . . Silverlock is . . . an odyssey of the spirit.” --Poul Anderson

“You’ll get drunk on Silverlock.” --Larry Niven

“A masterpiece.” --Jerry Pournelle

It belongs to the great tradition of fantastic voyages . . it roars along with one exciting adventure after another.” --Cleveland News

“As heady a mixture of myth, fable, history and allegory as was ever brewed for reader delight is pent within this memory-tickling adventure yarn. It is a novel made to order for the armchair swashbuckler . . . ” --Boston Traveler

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