Stray Bullets

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In his third Detective Ari Greene novel, bestselling author Robert Rotenberg delivers another complex legal thriller set on the streets of Toronto.

When a young boy is caught in the deadly crossfire of a downtown gun battle, the city is thrown into spasms of shock. The press makes the killing front-page news. The outraged public demands action. The devastated family needs answers. In this tense climate of anger and grief, Homicide Detective Ari Greene makes a high-profile arrest.

But did he get the wrong person? Brilliant defense lawyer Nancy Parish thinks so. Despite the tidal wave of evidence against her client, she’s convinced he’s innocent. Never content with easy answers, Greene and his protégé Daniel Kennicott pursue the truth as the man they have charged with first-degree murder is put on trial for his life.

In Stray Bullets, bestselling author Robert Rotenberg returns with his compelling mix of insider knowledge, brilliantly drawn characters, and high courtroom drama. In Rotenberg’s world, nothing is certain until the last clue falls into place.

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Robert Rotenberg is one of Toronto’s top criminal lawyers and the author of several bestselling novels, including Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, and Stranglehold. He lives in Toronto. Visit him at or follow him @RobertRotenberg.

“A cracking good story.”

– Toronto Star

“Rotenberg really knows how to build legal suspense.”

– The Globe and Mail

“The added frisson of a city craving justice combined with evidence that can’t quite add up the way law enforcement and prosecutors want them to gives Rotenberg the extra storytelling juice he needs to propel Stray Bullets to its inevitable but riveting conclusion.”

– National Post

“Rotenberg makes it his own with propulsive plotting, crisp, vivid, no-wasted-words writing, and, most importantly,distinct characters virtually all of whom make individual claims on a reader's interest and empathy…In fact, the entire unfolding and resolution of a tragic, sadly semi-familiar, crime-and-punishment tale shows a real pro of a writer, just getting better and better.”

– London Free Press

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