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Stump the Grown-Up

Published by Applesauce Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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1,246 questions to baffle your teacher, stump your mom, perplex your grandpa, and confound your big brother.

Grown-ups aren't always YOU get to ask the questions! Put your favorite grown-up to the test with Stump the Grown-Up! With over 1,200 brain-stumpers--including six true-or-false lightning rounds--Stump the Grown-Up covers everything from Charlotte's Web to the Cretaceous period, triangles to Tangled, and Saturn to Superman. Ask:
*YOUR TEACHER: where the nostrils of a hammerhead shark are located
*YOUR COACH: who threw the only World Series no-hitter
*YOUR FATHER: which state Mount Rainier is in
*YOUR DENTIST: what the longest side of a right triangle is called
*YOUR AUNT: what red-haired Viking discovered Greenland
*YOUR DOCTOR: who wrote The Hunger Games 
Whether you're in the mood for reading, math, and science, or lunch, recess, and extra-curricular activities, Stump the Grown-Up has it all...and you might just learn a thing or two along the way! 
STUMP THE GROWN-UP is the perfect addition to family activity nights, your beach bag, or the back pocket of the driver’s seat. Put the whole family’s IQ to the test with STUMP THE GROWN-UP!

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