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The Blue Valley

A Collection Of Stories


From Civil War prison camps to contemporary trailer parks, these thirteen memorable tales of life in the Southern Appalachians come alive with an array of intriguing characters -- male and female, young and elderly, learned and unlearned. The separate passions and dreams of these individuals mirror the larger cultural and historical dramas of American life, revealing the strengthening and loosening of the strong bonds of families over generations.

Fred Chappell The Raleigh News and Observer As clean and unadorned as Shaker furniture...and often quite as beautiful...A profound and genuine book.

The New York Times This beautifully crafted collection [is] a procession of tales rich with native detail and character, told in language as plain and deep as the hills, the whole weighted with an awareness of death that looms over the struggle for a meaningful life.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The Blue Valleys...brims with excellence...Mr. Morgan has delivered something extraordinarily rare: a beautiful and humble work that does justice to the spirits that were always there, somewhere between those rising mists, in the mountains north of Atlanta.

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