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The Book of Oriental Medicine

A Complete Self-Treatment Guide

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Addressing the issues of how and why illness occurs, this informative guide provides fresh Eastern perspectives on wellbeing and health. With easy-to-understand explanations, clear illustrations, and straightforward treatment alternatives, previously unexplained signs and symptoms can be researched, understood and dealt with. Tried-and-true techniques developed over hundreds of years--diet, acupressure, massage, exercise, scraping, and tapping--are offered for common maladies from colds and high blood pressure to backache and depression. Even with limited medical knowledge you can learn to assess your own conditions and become proactive in lifestyle changes, thus taking charge of your own healing process.

Clive Witham is a licensed acupuncturist and runs an acupuncture clinic in a Spanish enclave in North Africa where he promotes Oriental ideas of healing and self-treatment. He has trained in the UK, China, Thailand and Japan, and is also a Member of the British Acupuncture Council.

OF INTEREST Practitioners of Oriental medicine believe that when there is balance in the human body between Yin and Yang the person will exhibit good health however, when Yin and Yang are imbalanced, ill-health occurs. Health is an expression of balance, in Oriental Medicine disease is viewed as a physical expression of an imbalance within the body. Oriental Medicine practitioners look at the symptoms. along with other diagnostic methods, to identify patterns of disharmony. Each of the body organ systems must be in balance within itself and with the other organ systems. Whilst this may appear to be complex it is actually incredibly simple -- balance in the human body. This is why a combination of diet, acupressure, massage, tapping and exercise are effective. Oriental Medicine determines your level of health through the examination of the normal and abnormal organ system functions in your body and, by treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms, brings the body back to the point of balance and wellbeing.