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The Dictionary of Difficult and Unusual Words

Over 10,000 Common and Confusing Terms Explained

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Broken down by category, this comprehensive reference is the go-to guide for readers and writers who want to expand their knowledge of language.

This unique reference book strives to define words and phrases that the average person often encounters but which may not be immediately familiar. Batten, kiosk, proctor, coup de grace, alliteration, parsec, corona, renal, joystick, decant, citadel.

Broken down into over fifty categories—from cultural essentials like art, history, and sports to modern obsessions like text messaging and hip hop slang—this book is a word lover's dream and a useful handbook for any student. It covers theatre. It even has a section of foreign words commonly used in English. Expand your vocabulary. Improve your writing. Broaden your horizons!