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The Dragonling 4 books in 1!

The Dragonling; A Dragon in the Family; Dragon Quest; Dragons of Krad

Illustrated by Judith Mitchell
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A boy and a baby dragon forge an unlikely friendship in this fantastical Dragonling chapter book series that’s perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon!

When Darek finds a dragonling, he gets a chance to prove that humans and dragons can live as friends! But Zantor the dragonling really needs to go back to the Valley of the Dragons so Darek risks his own life to take him there. And when Darek and Zantor travel to Darek’s home village they’ll have to convince the villagers that humans and dragons can live in peace—and stop the dragon quest from hunting for more dragonlings!

This magical bind-up includes:
The Dragonling
Dragon in the Family
Dragon Quest
Dragons of Krad

Jackie French Koller has been a storyteller since the sixth grade, when she amused her friends by spinning tales on the playground. She has also edited a children’s newspaper, taught writing in public schools, and studied art. Ms. Koller lives in Groton, Massachusetts, with her husband.

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