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The Dragoon Clan

Rebirth of Courage

Published by Zmok Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Classic sword and sorcery

Dreams – they are fragments of life that are both derived and die in the vacuum of the mind that is called sleep. They can be extravagant fantasies of quests that span distant journeys or small ventures to market, ecstasies of forbidden love or a romantic moment with someone close, and they can even be lusts for acquisition of untold power or even the meagerness of strength to get through a challenge. All dreams, no matter how comforting or painful, are fragments of a fantasy unfilled, a moment in time long lost and unreached, and they are found in a realm beyond the living: the Dreamscape.

The first novel in a series by first-time author Brandon Rospond takes classic elements of sword and sorcery and puts a new twist on it in a world where everything is run by crystal-magic.  A young man seeks answers about the death of his parents and a legacy he inherited that grants him great power if he can learn how to control harness it.

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