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The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases

How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness

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A comprehensive reference and healing tool to address the emotional and psychological causes of illness

• Uncovers the conflicted conscious or unconscious feelings, thoughts, and emotions at the root of nearly 900 ailments and diseases

• Details a unique Integration and Acceptance Technique for accessing information through the heart and thereby starting the healing process for emotions and feelings

• Provides positive affirmations to effect change for each ailment and disease

What if your body used a secret language to talk to you? What if an ailment or illness was your body’s way to shout for help, to make you understand that you need to change your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors? Your body wants you to become aware of the stress that you carry, conscious or not, so you can release unmanaged past and present emotions and the physical complaints that accompany them.

Compiling years of research and the results of thousands of cases he encountered in his private practice and during workshops over the past 30 years, Jacques Martel explains how to read and understand the body’s language of disease and imbalance. In this encyclopedia, he shows how body language reveals specific thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are at the source of nearly 900 different ailments and diseases. The author also details his Integration and Acceptance Technique, which enables healing information to bypass the brain and connect directly with the heart. This technique disables the source of the conflict, conscious or not, that could be at the root of an illness, behavior, or condition and improves the chances of true healing.

This comprehensive manual offers a tool to help each of us become, to some extent, our own doctor or therapist, get to know ourselves better, and recover health and well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. For practitioners and therapists, this remarkable reference tool provides invaluable insights and prompts for healing.

From the Introduction:

This dictionary was designed to be a tool for opening up conscious awareness and for inquiry into self-discovery. When something happens to me that affects my health, I read over again what is said about it in this dictionary in order to be even more aware of what is happening. Indeed, human beings tend to obliterate, to remove from their conscious memory, whatever bothers them. Thus when I read the dictionary, I do so with the eyes of someone who wants to learn and to become more consciously aware of what is happening inside. My mental, intellectual side collects the information with which I’ll be working. Because the only true power I have is my power over myself: I am the creator of my own life. The more aware I am, the more able I’ll be to achieve the appropriate changes.

The Reading Integration Technique

I can use the information contained in this book to effect changes at the level of my emotions. By doing the following exercise, I can activate my emotional memory to make it possible, from my head to my heart, for some part of my emotions to be healed in love.

It is a matter of taking the text dealing with an ailment or a disease and reading it syllable by syllable, taking at least one second per syllable. For example, let us take the following disease: Arthritis. The following text:

ARTHRITIS (in general)

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of a joint. It can affect each of the parts of the human locomotor system: this includes the bones, the ligaments, the tendons and the muscles. It is characterized by inflammation, muscular stiffness and pain, which correspond, on the metaphysical level, to an experience of closing off, criticism, sorrow, sadness or anger.

Then becomes:

AR-THRI-TIS (in-ge-ne-ral)

Ar-thri-tis is de-fined as the in-flam-ma-tion of a joint. It can af-fect each of the parts of the hu-man lo-co-mo-tor sys-tem: this in-cludes the bones, the li-gaments, the ten-dons and the mus-cles. It is cha-rac-te-rized by in-flam-ma-tion, mus-cu-lar stiff-ness and pain, which cor-res-pond, on the me-ta-phy-si-cal level, to an ex-pe-ri-ence of clo-sing off, cri-ti-ci-sm, sor-row, sad-ness or an-ger.

And I continue my reading until I have covered the complete text I am reading in the book. It is very important to proceed very slowly, one syllable per second at the most or even more slowly. It is not important that I be concerned about whether or not my intellect understands the words or the sentences I am pronouncing. It is possible that emotions of sorrow or sadness may manifest themselves during the exercise; it is a matter of putting love into the situation. I can take the text of a disease I currently have or of a disease I previously had, or of a disease I may fear contracting. If I experience any emotions during the exercise, I can do it over again later in the day, or on another day, until I no longer experience any emotions and I feel comfortable with the text.What happens during the application of this technique, which consists in reading a text syllable by syllable and taking at least one second per syllable?

The first thing to understand is that the faster I read, then the more my reading takes place in my mental sphere, ‘all in my head’. The more slowly I read, then the more my reading will take place in contact with the energy centre of the heart, also called the chakra of the heart. All ailments and diseases are conscious or unconscious interpretations that I have made in relation to a situation or a person involving a lack of love. So it works as if this message, or this injury I might say, was registered at the level of love, which, in humans, corresponds to the energy centre of the heart.

My injuries related to a lack of love are registered in my heart in the form of rejection, abandonment, anger, incomprehension, sadness, disappointment, and so on. In order for me to be able to change this message registered within myself, I must first activate the information at the starting point; in other words, I must be in contact with the ‘inner folder’ in which this injury has registered a piece of information that becomes activated whenever a new similar situation occurs in my life. It is as though the situation allows the emotion to be activated because the event that occurs induces it to resonate.

Thus, when I activate in my heart the situation that caused me to experience sorrow, sadness, anger, etc., I thereby open up the heart’s energy centre to let in the energy of love, which brings healing with it, along with the awareness that accompanies it, or vice-versa (i.e. with awareness preceding healing).

To make the pronunciation exercise more effective, I imagine that my words are issuing from me at the level of my heart, as though my mouth were at the level of my heart. It follows that during the exercise I may experience tingling sensations in different parts of my body; currents of heat may travel through different parts of my body, along with feelings of sorrow, sadness or any other sort of emotion that may emerge. It will be enough to remain calm if any such strong emotions of sorrow or sadness manifest themselves, for things are usually under control and it is as if my body knows what it is capable of taking.

Jacques Martel is an internationally known therapist, trainer, and speaker. A pioneer in the field of personal development, he has created new methods and practical exercises that allow deep and permanent emotional and spiritual transformations. He lives in Canada.