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The Everything Parent's Guide to Common Core Science Grades 6-8

Understand the New Science Standards to Help Your Child Learn and Succeed

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Take the mystery out of middle-grade science!

The Common Core, a new set of national educational standards, has been adopted by 45 states across the nation. But if you learned about science the "old" way, you may be having a hard time understanding what your kids are bringing home from school--and why. With information on Next Generation Science Standards and practice exercises and experiments, you'll learn:

  • The rationale behind Common Core standards
  • The major scientific concepts your child will be learning at each grade level
  • The new requirements for learning concepts and applying them in practical ways
  • How the Next Generation Science Standards relate to the Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards
  • How to help your child with homework and studying
The Everything Parent's Guide to Common Core Science: Grades 6-8 will give you the confidence to help your kids meet the science expectations for their grade level, excel at school, and prepare for high school and beyond.

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