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The Five Ages of the Universe

Inside the Physics of Eternity


As the twentieth century closed, Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin captured the attention of the world by identifying the five ages of time. In The Five Ages of the Universe, Adams and Laughlin demonstrate that we can now understand the complete life story of the cosmos from beginning to end.

Adams and Laughlin have been hailed as the creators of the definitive long-term projection of the evolution of the universe. Their achievement is awesome in its scale and profound in its scientific breadth. But The Five Ages of the Universe is more than a handbook of the physical processes that guided our past and will shape our future; it is a truly epic story.

Without leaving earth, here is a fantastic voyage to the physics of eternity. It is the only biography of the universe you will ever need.

Fred Adams received his Ph.D. from the University of California. Recipient of the Helen B. Warner Prize, Adams is a professor of physics at the University of Michigan and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Neil de Grasse TYSON Scientific American Continuously engages the imagination....An entertainingly scary picture of our distant future.

Susan Okie The Washington Post Marvelous descriptive writing and mind-expanding explanations....What makes it even better than good science fiction is that it's true.

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