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The Guilty Plea


Bestselling author Robert Rotenberg is back with his next razor-sharp legal thriller. Rotenberg’s insider knowledge of the behind-the-scenes courtroom machinations and his mesmerizing trial scenes make this another scorching page-turner.

On the morning that his headline-grabbing divorce trial is set to begin, Terrance Wyler, youngest son of the Wyler Food dynasty, is found stabbed to death in the kitchen of his million-dollar home. Detective Ari Greene arrives minutes before the press and finds Wyler’s four-year-old son asleep upstairs. When Wyler’s ex-wife, a strange beauty named Samantha, shows up at her lawyer’s office with a bloody knife, it looks as if the case is over.

But Greene soon discovers the Wyler family has secrets they’d like to keep hidden, and they’re not the only ones. If there’s one thing Greene knows, it’s that the truth is never simple.

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Robert Rotenberg is the author of several bestselling novels, including Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, Stranglehold, and Heart of the City. He also writes for television, teaches writing, and is one of Toronto’s top criminal lawyers. Visit him at or follow him @RobertRotenberg.

Praise for The Guilty Plea

"Not since “Anatomy of a Murder” has a novel so vividly captured the real life of criminal lawyers in the midst of a high-stakes trial. This is a book that every lawyer, law student, and law professor should, no must, read." Edward L. Greenspan. Q.C.

"A few lawyers are really expert in managing cases - especially criminal cases - in the courtroom. A small percentage of these are very good at making trials come alive. Robert Rotenberg is one of the few, along with Scott Turow, David Baldacci, John Lescroat. His 'Guilty Plea' is a crackling good read, Plan to keep turning pages late into the night!"

F. Lee Bailey

Praise for Old City Hall:

"It's clear that Old City Hall has enough hidden motives and gumshoeing to make it a hard-boiled classic." -- The Globe and Mail

"The book has wowed pretty much everyone who's read it.... A finely paced, intricately written plot is matched by a kaleidoscope of the multicultural city's locales and characters." -- Maclean's

"Twenty-first-century Toronto is a complicated place, rife with the kind of paradox and contradiction that lends a city depth and complexity. It's a good setting for sinuous legal machinations to unfold, steeped in that elusively desirable literary quality we call character." -- The Toronto Star

"A convincing portrayal of backstage operations in the justice system...An enjoyable addition to the literature of urban crime." -- The Times Literary Supplement

"Clever, complex, and filled with an engaging cast of characters, Old City Hall captures the vibrancy and soul of Toronto." -- Kathy Reichs

"Robert Rotenberg knows his Toronto courts and jails, he knows his law, and he knows his way around a legal thriller. Old City Hall is a splendid entertainment." -- Andrew Pyper, author of The Killing Circle

"Loved it! Rotenberg’s Old City Hall is a terrific look at contemporary Toronto."

Ian Rankin

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