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The Night Archer

and Other Stories

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The Night Archer and Other Stories is a collection of startling short fiction by New York Times bestselling author and international statesman, Michael Oren.

A medieval slave-turned-sultan, an alien who declines to visit Earth, a prophet who dares to ask “is God funny?” and a ghost who fears the living—these are among the terrifying, tragic, passionate, and comic characters who animate Michael Oren’s stories. Crisscrossing genres, they explore the outer bounds of imagination and artistic freedom, exposing the reader to a kaleidoscope of human emotions and experience. In The Night Archer, the acclaimed historian, political commentator, and statesman Michael Oren is revealed as a writer of bold versatility.

“Historian and diplomat Michael Oren has at long last returned to fiction with an extraordinary collection of stories that sparkle with wit, intelligence, tenderness, and penetrating honesty. The luminous prose is best savored slowly, but most readers will undoubtedly devour The Night Archer in a single sitting and then eagerly await Oren’s next offering.”

– Daniel Silva, New York Times #1 bestselling author

“That hum you hear when you read Michael Oren’s gorgeous short stories is the song of humanity pushing against all of its innate limitations. Oren delivers a heartfelt and heartbreaking account of who we are as a species—flawed, fearful, and lonely but always open-hearted, always trusting that transcendence is possible, if not imminent. This is what optimism for adults looks like, and this is the book you should read if you need a dose of unfettered hope.”

– Liel Leibovitz, author of A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen