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The Patient's Medical Journal

Record Your Personal Medical History, Your Family Medical History, Your Medical Visits & Treatment Plans

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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An easy way to keep track of your medical records for years to come.

The Patient’s Medical Journal is a medical diary for patients and their families. It is designed to help patients remember and organize medical information about their and their family’s past and present health. The information, once recorded, will come in handy when filling out medical forms for doctors and hospitals.

The book is divided into sections to record all pertinent information, such as:

A personal medical directory for information about health providers and insurance companies
Past surgeries
Major illnesses
Current medications
Lab tests
And family medical history

Once you’ve recorded your past, there’s a new section where you can record information for your upcoming medical visits, the purposes for the visits, and the treatment plan you’ve outlined with your health-care professional. In no time at all, you can compile a compact diary of your medical history for convenient use in the future.

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