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The True Story of Zippy Chippy

The Little Horse That Couldn't

Illustrated by Dave Szalay
Published by NorthSouth Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Zippy Chippy is descended from the leading legends of horse racing. He is destined for greatness and glory.

But . . . when the starting bell rings, it’s anybody’s guess what Zippy will do. Will Zippy go for a gentle trot around the track or stop and smell the roses? Or, perhaps, never even leave the starting gate?!

With mischief in his makeup, he’s known to stick his tongue out at people and chew up the hats of passersby. And he’s always trying to break out of his stall. What’s an owner to do? Try and try again! After all, he believes in Zippy—and, besides, the horse is now a part of the family. But as Zippy’s losses mount, a funny thing happens. People start to take notice of the hapless, cupcake-eating horse. Could it be that they’re betting on Zippy to win?

This remarkable story of the famed racehorse who lost every race is sure to win your heart!

Artie Bennett is an executive copy editor by day and a writer by night. He is the author of many children's picture books, as well as two riotous joke and riddle books. When Artie stumbled upon the story of Zippy Chippy, he found himself champing at the bit to introduce young readers to this remarkable, inspiring tale of whoa! He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York. Visit . . before someone else does! "It appears there is no topic Mr. Bennett can't make funny and educational."—The Huffington Post

Dave Szalay is an award-winning illustrator, aspiring author, and college professor. Dave, his wife, and three cats live along a steam that runs through the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. They have two adult sons and a granddaughter. Visit for more information.

The cute cartoon illustrations match the amusing narrative, making this a fun story for sharing. 

– Heidi Grange, School Library Journal

It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and Zippy Chippy is a horse like no other...Showing that you don't always need a trophy to be a winner, this fun book will make you love Zippy Chippy and all horses for who they are.

– Suzanne Lucey, Page 158 Books, Wake Forest NC

“The True Story of Zippy Chippy: The Little Horse That Couldn’t” is a perfect choice for school libraries and classroom bookshelves. Children will love Zippy’s quirky personality and the sweet story of determination — not to win but to enjoy the race.

– Pamela Kramer