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The Ultimate Brain Health Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults

180 Puzzles to Strengthen Memory and Cognitive Function

Published by Rockridge Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Sharpen your mind with fun, brain-boosting sudoku puzzles for adults

Sudoku is an entertaining way to improve memory and cognitive skills. Doing puzzles keeps your mind active and helps support its inherent ability to learn and rejuvenate. Get plenty of skill-building sudoku with The Ultimate Brain Health Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults. All you need is a pencil, an eraser, and a little perseverance.
  • For all adults—Build brain health, whether you’re actively seeking to improve your memory or just an avid puzzler looking for fun new material.
  • Choose your level—Decide how much of a challenge you’re in the mood for with sections for Warm-Up, Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles.
  • Bonus tips—Get started right away with a quick primer on how to solve sudoku, plus strategies throughout for when you’re stuck.

Go beyond other sudoku puzzle books with one that’s designed to keep your mind and memory in shape.

About The Authors

Brother and sister team CRISTINA and RICK SMITH have been solving puzzles together their whole lives. They are the award-winning authors of the Yoga for the Brain series of puzzle books. Learn more at

Product Details

  • Publisher: Rockridge Press (September 28, 2021)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781638074380

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Raves and Reviews

“What a great way to exercise your brain and strengthen your memory. Cristina and Rick are master puzzlers and have taught me the joy of Sudoku. This book will provide fun, challenges, and great learnings. I highly recommend it!” —Darity Wesley, author of How To Be The REAL You!

“In a time when dementia and Alzheimer’s are on the rise across the land, here’s a book that at once strengthens the brain and lifts the spirit. The Smiths have crafted a clever concoction: one part Sudoku primer, one part brain workout, and one part life coach. This book is the perfect gift for anyone intent on keeping their mind and heart firing on all cylinders, far into their golden years.” —Dave Blum, founder and creator of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts

“Brain health is essential to living a long and happy life. Cristina and Rick Smith's book delivers a great ‘brain education’ to keep the mind sharp and engaged as we age. Bravo!” —Dr. Angelica Wagner, top global mental health scientist

“Challenging is the word! This is my introduction to Sudoku, and it feels like learning a new language. I use it to help me give up my to-do list, have some fun, and go to sleep at night. I love it!” —Ingrid Coffin, co-author of The Word Search Sage: Yoga for the Brain

“When I received my copy of The Ultimate Brain Health Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults, I couldn’t wait to start working—or should I say playing—in it! It has just what I like: large format, simple and clear table of contents, instructions on how to get started, plus tips, strategies, and clues—definitely NOT a “no-brainer” but a total brainer, giving us all the healthy brain-boosting excuses we need to play Sudoku!” —Joan Kiley, author of Astrocycles newsletter and Sudoku enthusiast

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