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Think Like Shigeru Ban

Edited by Andrea Gollin / Illustrated by Di Cristofaro / Text by Saturno
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Think Like Shigeru Ban is a beautiful children’s and family book about architecture, social good and using one’s artistic skills to help others. Ban is an internationally renowned architect who created a system of temporary shelters to help disaster victims and refugees.

Think Like Shigeru Ban is a beautifully designed and produced illustrated book that inspires children and families to learn about the remarkable work of renowned architect Shigeru Ban. Ban devotes part of his time to helping others by creating temporary shelters for disaster victims and refugees. He has designed buildings all over the world—museums, office buildings, cultural venues, and houses. In addition to high-profile projects, he regularly comes to the aid of refugees and disaster victims by designing temporary shelters that are typically made from recyclable paper tubes. He has created buildings such as a school after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, shelters after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and a church—the Cardboard Cathedral—in New Zealand after the 2011 Canterbury earthquake. 

His innovative approach to materials and design is a theme that runs throughout his work, while his insistence on the aesthetic quality of his relief projects further distinguishes them. 

Think Like Shigeru Ban is the first title in the Think Like series. The books encourage children and families to explore the rich world of the arts and art making by inviting them into the creative process and introducing them to internationally known artists who work toward social or environmental good through their art. The series approaches art making and the idea of positive change in a way that is accessible, appealing, and welcoming.


Tra Publishing is a boutique art book publishing company based in Miami. Tra creates beautifully crafted books about fine and decorative arts, architecture, and design that inspire social, cultural, and environmental awareness. Particular emphasis is placed on the physical components of the bookmaking process, resulting in books that are both works of art and modes of expression. Tra’s books are distributed worldwide through Simon & Schuster.

Stefano Di Cristofaro is an illustrator and designer whose works have been widely exhibited. He has illustrated the children’s books Conejo y Conejo, Guachipira va de viaje, and La Sayona y otros cuentos de espantos.