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Thoughtful Wisdom for Every Day

365 Days of Love, Kindness, Healing, Faith, and Peace

Translated by Peter Sekirin
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Now available again in an appealing gift book edition, a classic daybook of inspirational wisdom: "A fine pocket-sized book . . . an excellent gift for any Tolstoy reader . . . A fine inspirational" (Midwest Book Review).

During the last years of his life, Leo Tolstoy kept one book invariably on his desk, read and reread it to his family, and recommended it to all his friends: a compendium of wise thoughts gathered over the course of a decade from his wide-ranging readings in philosophy and religion, and from his own spiritual meditations. It was banned under the Communists. 

One part of that book, drawn largely from the writings of other famous thinkers, was published in English as A Calendar of Wisdom. Thoughtful Wisdom for Every Day is the volume comprising Tolstoy’s own most essential ideas about spirituality and what it is to live a good life. Designed by Tolstoy to be a cycle of daily readings, this book offers thoughts and aphorisms for every day according to a succession of themes repeated each month—such as God, the soul, desire, our passions, humility, inequality, evil, truth, happiness, prayer, and the blessings of love.

At once challenging, comforting, and inspiring, this is a spiritual treasure trove and a book of great human warmth.

"A fine pocket-sized book which will make for an excellent gift for any Tolstoy reader . . . A fine inspirational."—Midwest Book Review

 "Using this daybook thoughtfully throughout the year will assure a positive answer to December’s last day’s wisdom: 'I think our first rule in this life should be: Always be happy and joyful.'"—Prairie Messenger
"A treasury of timeless wisdom."Catholic Digest
"Not simply ideas, but rich statements that suggest Tolstoy’s notions of collective responsibility and edification. . . The insights are not offered as conclusions but launching pads for our own considerations."—Raleigh News & Observer

"A guide to a deeper, more thoughtful life . . . This is a book you’ll want to keep on your bedside table or on your desk."—Light of Consciousness
"Brief yet profound reflections."—Watertown Daily Times

"This lovely daybook contains . . . Tolstoy’s vast knowledge of human ways and life experiences in a succinct but flowing style. . . . Direct and crisp. This is the first English-language translation and is very well done at that."—New Age Retailer
"Tolstoy’s deep spirituality, his focus on love, temptation, and other subjects . . . Perhaps this genius spent his last years trying to reconnect us to these elemental forces because he saw that our lines to them were fraying."—Odessa American

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