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Unofficial Justin Bieber Journal

The Ultimate Fan's Guide with Fun Facts, Quizzes, Quotes, Stories, and More!

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Quizzes, Quotes, Fun Facts, Favorite Lists, Stories, and More in this Awesome Journal for Bieber Fans!

Providing a glimpse into the exciting life of the international pop sensation, The Unofficial Justin Bieber Journal is the perfect gift for any follower of the boy wonder, whose meteoric rise set a new precedent for musicians and artists in the digital world. With this journal, fans can record their thoughts, complete fun activities like quizzes, and read about Justin's favorite things! Peppering the pages are quotes by Bieber himself that are sure to inspire.anyone.

From being a small town boy with a golden voice, a YouTube sensation, to becoming one of the world’s most iconic pop stars, Justin Bieber’s journey is definitely one for the books. This unofficial journal-biography hybrid takes a look back at his humble beginnings and tells the story behind his monumental success through a combination of in-depth narratives, fun trivia, quizzes, memorable photos, and quotes⁠—and is a must-read for every Belieber. Now that Justin had just made a much-awaited comeback after a long hiatus, this book explores his reinvention, new perspectives, spirituality, and fresh insight into his future.


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