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Violence, Nudity, Adult Content

A Novel


Will Riordan, lawyer, husband, and father, is a modern man, and this is the story of his awakening and return to humanity -- a powerful tale of New York City and of modern faith, family, and redemption.

Janet Maslin The New York Times A lacerating debut novel...Passaro minutely and cleverly dissects every aspect of his characters' lives.

The New York Times Book Review A grippingŠportrait of how we live today.

Los Angeles Times Violence, Nudity, Adult Content is not only a novel about urban rage, it's also a novel about tenderness and where to find it.

Baltimore Sun A novel of unusual energy and intensity....Passaro's pace is crackling....His command of language and his surgical imagery are masterful. The novel's core is redemption of life as having meaning.

Newsday Violence, Nudity, Adult Content is part story of domestic turmoil, part moral meditation, part legal thriller, part New York reverie, part collection of verbal riffs.