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WWE Legendary Joke Book

Part of WWE
Published by BuzzPop
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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It's time to be ROCKED by the toughest and funniest WWE Superstars and Legends in this full-color, 64-page joke book!

Q: Why were Gene Okerlund's pants always so angry?
A: Because they were MEAN JEANS!

It's time to be ROCKED by these RIB-TICKLERS! Enjoy this 64-page joke book in full color featuring the funniest and toughest Superstars and Legends of WWE! These punch lines are more savage than Macho Man Randy Savage, more deadly than Undertaker, and they're so hilarious, you will never Cena them coming. When this ridiculous rumble is over, only one will be left standing--the Heavyweight Comedian of the world!

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