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Weights on the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Strengthen and Tone All Your Muscles with Unstable Workouts

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Take your weight training to the next level with the BOSU® Balance Trainer to create dynamic workouts that condition and strengthen every muscle.

Pairing weights with the BOSU® Balance Trainer’s unique unstable platform is the ideal way to get in shape, burn fat and develop powerful, lean muscles. The lifting builds and sculpts primary muscles, while the balancing tones secondary and supporting muscles for maximum results. This book’s unique program draws on the unbeatable combination to super-charge your workout with highly effective exercises:

• FLYS while lying on the dome to target your chest and shred your core
• CURLS while balancing on the flat side to build biceps and tone your legs
• Deep-knee SQUATS with an overhead bpress to work every muscle group

Packed with dozens of fully illustrated, easy-to-follow exercises, as well as day-by-day workout programs for beginners, weekend warriors and elite athletes, Weights on the BOSU® Balance Trainer is the ultimate guide to quickly transforming your body.