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Who Needs God


With the warmth, insight, and understanding that distinguished his phenomenal bestsellers When Bad Things Happen to Good People and How Good Do We Have to Be?, Rabbi Harold Kushner addresses a critical issue in the lives of many: a spiritual hunger that no personal success can feed.

If you have lost faith or have never known it, or if you have ever wondered "What can religion offer?" here are wise and thoughtful answers. Rabbi Kushner shows how religious commitment does have a place in our daily lives, filling a need for connection, joy, and community.

For anyone who has ever wanted a more fulfilling life or wished to make a difference in the lives of others...for anyone who has ever felt guilty, afraid, or alone...Rabbi Kushner shares a path to faith that offers new sources of comfort and strength for all of us. Powerful, provocative, and persuasive, Who Needs God is a message of universal appeal.

Harold Kushner has written many bestselling books that have helped millions of people find in faith a source of help for coping with life's problems.

Houston Post Down to earth...compelling and thoughtful.

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) Thoughtful...richly concrete...Kushner invites his readers to rethink the role of religion in their lives.

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