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Why Pandas Do Handstands

And Other Curious Truths About Animals

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Did you know that...

• shark embryos can attack?
• caterpillars can tap dance?
• koalas have fingerprints almost identical to those of humans?

And, who would have guessed that...

• chimpanzees talk about food?
• male animals from hot climates make bad fathers?
• owls employ snakes as babysitters?
• rats can learn the differences between languages?
• some parasites castrate their victims?
• dogs can see moving objects up to 985 yards away?
• ants won't cross a chalk line?
• a sloth moves so slowly that fungus grows on its feet?

Astonishing new facts about animals are discovered every day. Here, gathered together in one book, are hundreds of the most fascinating, often funny, and, occasionally, just plain bizarre snippets known about animals freshly gleaned from the most up-to-date scientific observations and experiments. With chapters on every aspect of animal life -- from how they communicate with one another to their highly unusual parenting practices to their lively and varied sex lives -- Augustus Brown has compiled a charming, educational, and supremely entertaining book that will satisfy even the most obsessive animal lover.

So, dig in to this irresistibly entertaining and utterly engrossing inside look at the animal kingdom at its most peculiar!