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Winning Conditions

How to Achieve the Professional Success You Deserve by Managing the Details That Matter


As highlighted in Ron Howard’s critically acclaimed National Geographic documentary series Breakthrough, Christine is a pioneer and trailblazer in the business world, where she has proven that her methods of playing to win work.

In Winning Conditions, Christine teaches readers that success isn’t built only on the work itself. It isn’t automatically based on who is the smartest or who works the longest, or who has the best skills or the most innovative ideas. Often, success is influenced by the manner in which you share or present your work. Small improvements in delivery can result in substantial improvements in outcome.

People succeed not simply because they deliver a winning work product or idea, but also because they deliver their product or idea in a winning way.

This book is a joyful, insightful, and empowering read that teaches readers how to deliver their work so that it is more likely to be recognized and accepted. Readers who begin to consciously implement these ideas will see their business partners and customers respond more positively. They will see improved outcomes while their reputations and overall success grow. They will begin to win. Christine already has a large established platform driven by extensive television, magazine and radio coverage including, in 2017, appearing on the cast of SURVIVOR. She has three decades of highly successful business experience–tested and proven winning conditions!