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World's Greatest Dad Jokes

160 Hilarious Knee-Slappers and Puns Dads Love to Tell

Published by Cider Mill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Laugh with dads, not at them, with over 160 hilarious knee-slappers and puns dads love to tell!

A potato walks into a bar. All eyes were on him: this is just one example of the 200 hilariously hokey knee-slappers and puns in Dad Jokes. Tired of the same humdrum ill-fitting pants jokes, or jabs about turkeys being flightless birds? This perfect Father’s Day gift will keep the dads in your life on the pulse of family-friendly corny humor that is all new and exclusive to this book. With Dad Jokes on hand, everyone will be laughing with dads, not at them!


John Brueckner is a creative leader and builder of iconic brands. He haswon 8 Emmy Awards, and has been nominated for 38. His work has appeared on Comedy Central and the Cartoon Network.

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