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Yes, Mistress

Why Men Crave Female Domination

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Discover the forbidden desire for Female Domination—and the real men who seek it out.

“Valentina pulls back the curtain on male submissiveness with an insider’s view of what female Dominatrices and their male submissive are thinking, feeling, and seeking when they engage in one of the most prevalent, yet misunderstood, forms of erotic play.”

—Dr. Ogi Ogas,
Author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts

A lifestyle Dominatrix and BDSM expert takes you on an intimate, eye-opening journey into the erotic world of Female Domination. 

Valentina Zadig explains the psychology behind male submission and answers the question: Why do men crave surrendering to a dominant woman? Hear from the men themselves as they reveal their most intimate desires. Delve into their experiences with Dominatrices and see what keeps them coming back for more.
Yes, Mistress shines a spotlight on the everyday men who seek to explore their submissive fantasies—an aspect of sexuality that often goes unacknowledged, despite a long history and deep psychological roots. Set at the crossroads of psychology, culture, history, and media, this book challenges society’s perception of BDSM, kink, and fetish. Male submission is more common than you think—and more rewarding than you can imagine.

Valentina is a leading BDSM expert and lifestyle Dominatrix. Her unique experience in Female Domination and male submission, coupled with a background in psychology, makes her the perfect guide to lead you into this fascinating world of hidden desire.

"Valentina Zadig pulls back the curtain on male submissiveness with an insider's view of what female dominatrices and male submissives are thinking, feeling, and seeking when they engage in one of the most prevalent yet misunderstood forms of erotic play. Boldly guiding us into the heart of those places and moments where fantasies become real, Zadig reveals that the male desire for submission (and the female desire for dominance) are neither anomalous nor unconventional—they are natural expressions of some of the most fundamental urges of our sexual brain." 

– Ogi Ogas, PhD and coauthor of "A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What The World's Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire"

"Never before has there been such a comprehensive, thoughtful, and loving look into male submission, filled with engaging personal insights as well as copious research. Whether you're interested in submission or domination, this book will hold your hand as it wakes up your desires." 

– Evie Vane, author of "Better Bondage for Every Body" and "The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up."