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Published by Leaders Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

Imagine yourself blissful, imagine yourself free! Fourteen women. Fourteen stories. Fourteen second-chances at an amazing life. It all starts here, by tapping into Your True Power.

Do you want to live your most exceptional life? This is for you.

14 ordinary but remarkable women come together to share their stories - 100% raw and authentic - of how they overcame their biggest and darkest challenges by embracing their true power. 

In Your True Power, join one strong group of magnificent women as they share their first-hand experiences to help you understand what true power is. With richly vibrant voices from many backgrounds illustrating one and the same message, you will be inspired to unlock your amazing life!

Here's what you'll experience when you dive into these powerful stories:

  • going from being an overwhelmed high achiever to moving into the state of flow;
  • finding infinite possibilities after losing everything;
  • going from treating your body as a burden to treating it as a guide;
  • pivoting from seeking externally to looking within;
  • going from "I'm not enough" to "I am the answer";
  • finding freedom from codependency;
  • going from "this is the end" to "the best is yet to come;”

And much, much more!

Grab your copy now to go from ordinary to extraordinary and start living the life you were always meant to have!




What would it be like for you to have true power?

For thousands of years, legends and tales have characterized power to be in the realm of the deity, magic, witchcraft, sorcery, wizards, dragons, kings, and nobility. Nowadays, these tales have become embodied by genies, fairy godmothers, superheroes, and mutants. 

Do you know that the top five highest-grossing movies of all time have elements of magic and fantasy? We rush to theatres or binge-watch these stories from our couches to experience our heroes saving the day––because, deep down, we all wish we were that powerful. In reality, we feel helpless. We desire so desperately to change the way people see us, to find a way to control our success. We think if only we were prettier, faster, richer, or smarter, then somehow, life would be easier.

If you were like me and most other kids, you too imagined having superpowers as a child. You may have watched superheroes on TV and wished you had the same capabilities. The heroes didn’t seem to have to work hard. They were lucky and just had these special gifts that made them important. They made a difference, and people just loved them. Of course, who wouldn’t want to have superpowers!

You may not remember, but you were born with the power to get everything you needed and wanted.

You came out crying, smiling, and giggling, and you easily got attention, love, and nourishment.  But one day, it seemed like none of that was enough. You needed to work harder and to do or not do certain things for Mom and Dad to give you love and affection: use your spoon and fork, don’t make a mess, finish your food, then you can play. If not, you were yelled at or punished. You lost your power.

Your young mind couldn’t really make sense of what was happening, but you had to do whatever it took to survive and be loved.

So you—and virtually everyone else—have grown up looking for this power that you once had, mostly without knowing it.

We transitioned through life and found ourselves stuck in either difficult relationships, financial stress, physical pain, chronic anxiety, or some form of suffering and addiction. A major crisis came—a global pandemic, the sudden death of a loved one, loss of income, divorce, terminal illness, accidents… Things fell apart, and we felt powerless.

We learned in school and from peers, family, movies, advertisements, and our very own experiences that it is money, position, sex, beauty, physical strength, talent, intelligence, material wealth, and fame that dictate who has power. It’s the President, the professional star athlete, the social media influencer, the rock star, the Hollywood celebrity, the reality show star made famous by her sex scandal, and the guys smart enough to invent a game-changing software that hold the power and enjoy the good life.

At the same time, it’s not uncommon to hear about the same very successful people suffering, sometimes to the point of suicide. Hollywood actor Robin Williams, fashion designer Kate Spade, celebrity chef and journalist Anthony Bourdain, and billionaire Adolf Merckle are examples of very successful people who ended their life despite appearing to have it all. Many of those who look great from the outside eye are often suffering deeply inside. This teaches us that external accomplishment is a dangling carrot that doesn’t bring true success.

Most people cruise through life and accept that struggling and pain are part of it. I’m here to tell you that they don’t have to be.

When you live in your true power, blissful relationships, a vibrantly healthy body, and financial abundance are the new normal. Life is filled with love, ease, joy, flow, and freedom. Magic, miracles, and healing are in your everyday life. You feel loved, supported, worthy, and powerful.

Through this anthology, you will be inspired by fourteen true stories of ordinary women who overcame, and recovered from, their biggest, darkest challenges—such as heartbreaks, betrayals, failures, burnouts, chronic stress and illness, abuse, imprisonment, and depression—when they realized their true power.

They unleashed this capacity by walking through despair all the way to an amazing life beyond their imaginations. By reading their experiences, you will gain an understanding of what true power is. With different stories, points of view, and voices illustrating one and the same message, you will gain a well-rounded sense of what true power is. You will learn that Your True Power is the key to your amazing life.

Since I was a young girl, I was obsessed with true success. I wanted to enjoy real happiness in every area of my life—to be, do, and have anything I wanted, when I wanted it. This put me on the path to becoming a transformational executive coach and interviewing the world’s top thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Studying books, taking courses, hiring mentors, and deploying immense willpower have helped me take big leaps. But no matter how much I added on to my skills, optimized my strategies, or enhanced my mindset, something else was missing. Part of me was still suffering. After more than twenty years, over a hundred thousand dollars, and loads of tears later, I found the last piece of the puzzle.

I found my true power.

From this space, there is no need to accomplish, no pressure to do anything, no demand to get anywhere. It’s all play, joy, and bliss. So I asked Source to show me what’s next for me. I wondered what would be the most fun thing to do.

The guidance that came so strongly to me is to get together with my soul family (women with whom I have shared deep transformation work), together magnifying our true power and channeling it as co-authors through this book and out to the world!

With a big resounding yes in their hearts, fourteen co-authors have come together to be the unstoppable force of true power. I’ve personally witnessed these remarkable women terribly lost in the depths of suffering come through to the other side. They have found the key. They have the answer. They will show you the way out.

It is no coincidence that this book is being birthed in the midst of the global pandemic. It is divine timing. The world needs to know this message now more than ever. In times of crisis, it is not the time to shrink—rather it is the time to rise up! The planet needs to wake up to the truth that there is no circumstance greater or more powerful than your true power.

None of the coauthors are professional writers, they are ordinary women simply sharing their personal stories from the heart. We are one heart with one intention of bringing the entire planet in true power.

Imagine yourself completely happy, abundant, and free. 

Now imagine 7.8 billion people absolutely happy, abundant, and free. What would this world be like?

Zero suffering and only pure bliss for everything and everyone! 

The sole mission of this anthology is to inspire you to live in your true power. If you think any of this is a fairytale, over the top, or impossible, then these fourteen women are here to testify that magic is real. We aim to take you through the journey of our rock-bottom moments and peak transformations, so you can feel and know what’s truly possible for you. If we can do it, so can you.

This is not a how-to book. It is not meant to provide you step-by-step instructions, but rather to inspire you to make a choice and take the leap into the amazing life that is already waiting for you.

To take care of the how-to and to provide you with the next steps, we do have a free companion resource to this book, the Your True Power Toolkit. It is a collection of the best tools the coauthors recommend to get you immediately started in accessing your true power. Every coauthor has shared a tool corresponding to their chapter that served them best. They are meant to be bite-size, easily implementable steps that you can use to experience transformation right away. You can download the toolkit for free at

The chapters are arranged in three sections: Discovering Your True Power, Stepping into Your True Power, and Living in Your True Power. At the back of this book, you will find photos and bios of each of the authors so that you can learn more about them. If you resonate with any of the stories and coauthors, I highly encourage you to reach out and connect with them.

All fourteen authors are so deeply committed to this movement of Your True Power that book sales proceeds will go back to spreading our core message and to charity.

It is no accident that you are reading this book. You have over seven hundred years of combined life experience within your grasp. You are ready for more. You are ready to live in heaven on earth. Your amazing life is here now!

Trissa Tismal-Capili
July 2020

About The Authors

Trissa Tismal-Capili teaches simple steps on how to optimize performance, boost productivity, and skyrocket profits without stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. She’s on a mission to help business leaders enjoy true success in all life areas—work, money, health, home, and relationships—to live happy, abundant, and free!

    She has been a certified professional coach and speaker for over thirteen years, helping entrepreneurs, coaching multimillion-dollar business owners, and advising billionaires.

    Trissa graduated magna cum laude in psychology, attended the Coaches Training Institute to refine her coaching techniques, and got accredited by the International Coach Federation. She also got trained in hypnosis and NLP and has earned numerous advanced certifications from different coaching specializations including money, marketing, mindset, and life transformation. She loves interviewing world leaders in business and success, including top New York Times best-selling authors.

    Trissa was the host on Balance TV, which aired on Discovery Fit and Health Channel where she interviewed top entrepreneurs who exemplified health, wealth, and giving back. She was also recognized as a top marketing consultant for a multinational billion-dollar company and featured on major media including CBS, NBC and Fox. Her proven track record in bringing together high-profile experts in her live and virtual conferences facilitates a community committed to change.

    Excellent at exposing the underlying cause of her clients’ problems, Trissa masterfully turns their biggest headaches from challenging to fun and easy. She loves working with high-achieving, take-charge, big-thinking bosses in supercharging their results to the next level. She helps them eliminate blind spots that sabotage their utmost success without them knowing.

    Together with coaching extremely accomplished CEOs, interviewing first-rate experts, and continuously learning from highly successful mentors, Trissa blends her experiences in coaching bosses to their ultimate success.


Product Details

  • Publisher: Leaders Press (April 26, 2022)
  • Length: 160 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781637350669

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