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little astronaut

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A poetry collection about the beautiful and disorienting period of new motherhood, exploring an experience both otherworldly and very, very human. 

little astronaut is a fully revised and updated edition of the limited-release poetry collection by critically acclaimed poet J. Hope Stein. Featuring over 50 pages of new poems and illustrations this book brings to vivid life the deeply personal—and also incredibly relatable—challenging and magical early days of new motherhood.

"Hilarious, humane, often beautiful, and absolutely captivating.” (Susan Orlean, staff writer at The New Yorker and New York Times bestselling author of The Library Book)

"This book might save your best friend’s life.” (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

"little astronaut is a beautiful orchestration of the strange experience we call human. There is humor here, and wisdom. This astronaut shows us how to find, among the most mundane details, a little bit of magic. In our era of so much destruction and disappointment, what luck to come across this bundle of laughter.” (Ilya Kaminsky, author of Deaf Republic)

“In little astronaut, J. Hope Stein writes a parental love so new to her, so overwhelming, that the poems read almost as if Stein were the first person to feel parental love at all. Rarely do such poems so thoroughly inhabit the moment. These poems convince me, effortlessly, that I am seeing the world new.” (Shane McCrae, author of The Gilded Auction Block and Forgiveness Forgiveness)