Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley, born in 1972, spent the years 2009 to 2011 as head of marketing at a world-famous men's club in Soho, where he gave in to every temptation laid before him. He spiralled into addictions of all kinds before cleaning up and turning his life around. He lives between London and Cheshire and is now a prolific artist specialising in figurative painting.

Books by this Author

The Hunger has one language and it is the language of excess. Lincoln gave The Hunger everything he had and still it wanted more. It wanted his life.

Hidden from the London tourists lies a demi-monde of decadence where a man can party to excess for as long as his wallet allows.Lincoln was in charge of sales and marketing for a famous men's club in Soho, connecting wealthy punters with hopeful girls. He held private sex parties for city bankers and worked his way through an endless supply...


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