Winsome Thomas

Winsome Thomas has lived many lives and excelled in several careers. The first as a High School teacher in Melbourne, the second in Educational leadership, the third as an Authorised Lay Minister for the Anglican Church, and then in 1996, at the age of fifty-two, Winsome became a registered psychologist focusing on the treatment of depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Winsome’s most famous case is her treatment of Kate Richards, author of Madness: A Memoir. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Books by this Author

Within us all is the potential to lead a fulfilled and satisfied life. But how to achieve this, or even where to start, is the hard part.

Leading psychologist Winsome Thomas believes that to achieve true happiness eight fundamental human desires need to be met. They are called heart hungers: basic needs that stem from security, service, esteem, enjoyment, love, limits, freedom and spirituality.

When one or more heart hunger isn’t fulfilled, especially over a long period...