Slow Train to Arcturus

Slow Train to Arcturus

1.  Eric Flint has co-written three NYT's best-sellers.

2.  Flint's 1632 was a smash hit, with over 95,000 copies sold, and an 88% sell through in mass market from 02/01 to date.

3.  Flint and Freer's earlier collaborations have had strong sell throughs, including 76% in mass market from 02/03 to date for their Pyramid Scheme.

4.  Freer's A Mankind Witch garnered rave reviews, such as a starred review in Publishers Weekly, " snorting action and an ingenious plot..."

5.  Large distribution of ARCs

6.  Trade advertising

7.  Ads in Locus, Kliatt, more

8.  Teaser chapter in Pyramid Power mass market

9.  Special backlist discounts for Eric Flint titles

10.  Featured title on

11.  Co-op available

The planet Miran had sent a spaceship to rendezvous with the enormous vessel that was approaching their star system. The vessel’s design was odd—a multitude of separate globular habitats in a framework—and most of the alien team that entered one of the habitats were slaughtered by savage creatures called “humans.” One alien had barely managed to escape to another habitat where the humans were more friendly, if rather technologically backward. But he needed to get back to his spaceship, and he would need one human’s help to do that.


            They would have to travel through several more habitats, each one isolated from the other, each with its own bizarre dangers and customs. And friendliness toward strangers was not one of those customs. . . .

  • Baen | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416555858 | 
  • October 2008
List Price $28.00 (price may vary by retailer)


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