The Faculty Club

A Thriller

The Faculty Club

At the world’s most exclusive law school, there’s a secret society rumored to catapult its members to fame and fortune. Everyone is dying to get in . . .

Jeremy Davis is the rising star of his first-year class. He’s got a plum job with the best professor on campus. He’s caught the eye of a dazzling Rhodes scholar named Daphne. But something dark is stirring behind the ivy. When a mysterious club promises success beyond his wildest dreams, Jeremy uncovers a macabre secret older than the university itself. In a race against time, Jeremy must stop an ancient ritual that will sacrifice the lives of those he loves most and blur the lines between good and evil.

In this extraordinary debut thriller, Danny Tobey offers a fascinating glimpse into the rarefied world of an elite New England school and the unthinkable dangers that lie within its gates. He deftly weaves a tale of primeval secrets and betrayal into an ingenious brain teaser that will keep readers up late into the night.

Packed with enigmatic professors, secret codes, hidden tunnels, and sinister villains, The Faculty Club establishes Danny Tobey as this season’s most thrilling new author.
  • Atria Books | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439154304 | 
  • April 2011
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When Jeremy Davis arrives at the most prestigious law school in the country, it seems as if he has little in common with the former Rhodes scholars that litter his incoming class. That all changes, however, when he is asked to be the personal researcher of the most respected and well-connected professor at his school, Ernesto Bernini. Before long, Jeremy finds himself swept into a life of cocktail parties and black-tie receptions shrouded in mystery, and learns that he is fighting for a spot in the V&D, a secret club that everyone assumes is the pinnacle of academic and intellectual achievement.

When Jeremy is asked to hand back his key to Professor Bernini’s office, however, and it becomes clear that he will not become a member of the V&D, his world begins to crumble around him. He learns that he can trust no one, his friends become his enemies, and his wildest dreams transform into his worst nightmares. When left with the decision to abandon the semester or pursue an see more