You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me

In this action-packed thriller, a mysterious man from a woman’s past suddenly returns, raising the suspicions of her influential husband—and setting off a series of alarming events.

Paul Reeves is an immigration lawyer whose true obsession is collecting maps of New York City, an art form made all the more precious by an increasingly digital world. One day, he abandons work to attend an auction with his neighbor, Jennifer Mehraz, the beautiful young wife of an ambitious Iranian financier, hoping to acquire an unusual map.

Midway through the auction, though, a handsome man in fatigues turns up, and Jennifer abandons Paul without a word, leaving him so distracted he almost misses his chance at the map he’s long coveted.

The man’s appearance triggers increasingly unfortunate incidents, as the people surrounding Jennifer—including her jealous husband, who is eyeing a career in politics—attempt to figure out who the mysterious stranger is. But Jennifer isn’t talking.

Despite Paul’s growing concerns, when he is informed that one of the world’s rarest maps is up for sale, all his thoughts turn to securing it. But will the illicit goings-on across the hall interfere with the biggest deal of his life?
  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781501178528 | 
  • February 2018
List Price $22.00 (price may vary by retailer)

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Colin Harrison
Photograph © David Zheng

Colin Harrison

Colin Harrison is the author of the novels Break and Enter, Bodies Electric, Manhattan Nocturne, Afterburn, The Havana Room, The Finder, and Risk. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.