Zen on the Trail

Hiking as Pilgrimage

Zen on the Trail

Contributions by: Gary Snyder
Discover how hiking can be a kind of religious pilgrimage, renewing our faith and deepening our sense of wonder—and offering deep peace of mind.

Evocative of the writings both of Gary Snyder and Bill Bryson, Zen on the Trail explores the broader question of how to walk on trails or be outside in a meditative way, how to deepen one’s connection to nature. By directing our attention to how we hike as opposed to where we’re headed, Christopher Ives invites us to begin shifting from ego-driven doing mode to spirit-filled being, from proving something in nature to exploring the vast interconnection of ourselves and the natural world. Through this approach, we can complement nature’s beautiful vistas with clear-eyed views of what’s going on inside this very body and mind—and we can find harmony in the woods on nature’s terms.

In erudite and elegant prose, Ives takes us on a journey we will not soon forget.

This book features a new poem by Gary Snyder.
  • Wisdom Publications | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781614294443 | 
  • September 2018
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