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The National Parks Journal

Plan & Record Your Trips to the US National Parks

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Turn those bucket list travel plans into reality with this interactive journal that’s one part planning guides and one part log to help you remember your exciting adventures!

Your national parks adventure starts here! Whether you’re planning a road trip to visit the Grand Canyon, a hiking excursion through Arcadia, or spending a day in the Everglades, this book is your must-have companion for the perfect trip to any of the parks across the United States. Start by learning more about the national parks themselves and get some essential planning advice from experts to make your trip as easy and fun as possible. Then use the planning pages to plan and record an adventure of your own. You’ll be prepared for everything from paying park fees to figuring out which landmarks you want to see the most. Record pages will help you remember anything fun and exciting that happens on your trip—as well as anything you want to do differently on your next visit.

From the Cape Cod National Seashore to the Sequoia National Park, this journal is the key to a fun and memorable national park vacation that you’ll want to remember (and revisit) for a lifetime.

Photograph © Jonathan Irish

Stefanie Payne is a creative professional and communications strategist supporting NASA human spaceflight at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC. When not telling the story of human exploration in space, she writes about adventures on Earth—with articles and photographs appearing in The Travel Channel and blogs for The National Geographic Society, Thrillist, HuffPost, and The Lonely Planet; as well as three books about the US National Parks. In 2016, she took on “the Greatest American Road Trip,” exploring and documenting fifty-nine of the US National Parks over fifty-two weeks. Learn more at

“Did you know there are over four hundred national park sites across the US…but only sixty-three of them are actually considered “National Parks”? Author Stefanie Payne is a true expert on those National Parks (having personally visited fifty-nine of them in the space of fifty-two weeks) and has shared her experience in this fun, informative, and easy-to-use journal. National Park travelers will love how clear her advice is, how easy these journaling pages make packing and preparing for their trips, and how special this book will become as they record their memories of their every adventure.”

—Julia J., Editor, on The National Parks Journal