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Under the Domim Tree

Translated by Hillel Schenker
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Winner of the Jewish Book Awards, this book shares the struggles and strength of three young girls growing up in post-Holocaust Israel as they learn to lean on each other while processing the loss and pain of all they have endured.

Growing up in post-Holocaust Israel, Avita, Yola, and Mira are all living in Udim, a youth village nestled along Israel's coastal plain. But beyond sharing their home village, the girls are united through a common sorrow—the pain of longing for lost loved ones.

As they grow through their struggles and come to terms with the tragedies that have happened, Avita, Yola, and Mira find friendship and comfort as they become closer, discover more about each other, and learn they are not alone.

“It is impossible to come away from this novel without added insight into the impact of war and admiration for those who endure its horrors.” – Publishers Weekly