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Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom

True Cat Tales and the Lessons They Teach


Cats do the funniest -- and wisest -- things!

From being brazenly courageous to delightfully optimistic, remaining sweetly loyal to having a fierce sense of honor, cats demonstrate that they have traits most people only hope for. Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom is a book for anyone who has a special bond with a furry friend and loves the lessons their pet can teach.

Enjoy these special elements:

  • Purr-rayer offers a prayer to reinforce the lesson
  • The Tail End gives practical information that is useful and fascinating
  • Kitty Wit is a humorous quip to enhance the story
  • Bio-note is a brief description of the cat's owner

  • Brighten Your Day with a Cat's Whiskers, Wit, and Wisdom!

    Photograph © Follgers Photography

    Niki Anderson is the author of the bestseller, What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life. She attended Northwest Nazarene College, Living Waters Bible Institute and Elim Bible Institute. Niki teaches at writer’s conferences and taught writing courses at Spokane Falls Community College for 12 years. She speaks at women's events, garden clubs, retreats, grade schools, and has led Bible studies and taught Sunday school on both child and adult levels.