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Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much

A Brother's Take on Dating and Mating for Sistas


Face it.

Your girlfriends can tell you what you need to know about just about everything...except men. For that, you need comedian and Essence columnist Finesse Mitchell.

Eager to help his sistas out and show them how to avoid the types of men who have left them baffled, blue, or just plain bitter, Mitchell tells the truth, whether it's good, bad, or downright despicable. Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much clues women in to what men are really thinking at every stage of a relationship, from first contact through deciding to propose. Lighthearted and brutally (if hilariously) honest, Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much lets women in on the things only men know about men and, in the process, saves them from wasting weeks,

"Finesse's book covers everything you need to know, from saying 'Hello' to Mr. Right and saying 'Good-bye' to Mr. Wrong. When it comes to understanding men and dating, this book definitely delivers!" - Gabrielle Union, actress.

"Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much offers an intelligent and funny take on dating. You'll be impressed and entertained by Finesse's insight and candor as he takes you inside the mind of a man, mapping out what for many women has been, until now, uncharted territory." - Tracy Edmonds, president and CEO of Our Stories Films

"This book blew me away! I hope after this he'll finally pay off his student loan so Citibank will stop calling my house, interrupting my soaps and The Price is Right." - His momma