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A. A. Milne

About The Author

Born in London, A. A. Milne attended a small, independent school run by his father. He went on to Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1903 with a B.A. in Mathematics. His articles for a student magazine gained attention from the popular British magazine Punch, where he became a regular contributor and later, an assistant editor. Milne was primarily a playwright until his two books about a boy name Christopher Robin—named after his son, Christopher Robin Milne (1920–96)—and characters inspired by his son’s stuffed animals (led by a teddy bear named Winnie-the-Pooh) overshadowed his previous work. A veteran of World War I and II, Milne died at his home in Sussex in 1956, a couple weeks after his 74th birthday.

Books by A. A. Milne