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Find your next great read! From romance to history to trending topics, check out these lists from A to Z to discover staff and fan favorites.

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10 Books to Read if You Love Dark Academia

Looking for a dark read set on campus to get you ready for fall? Pick up one of these moody, mysterious, and magical reads to enjoy with a hot cup of tea.

12 Books to read for Lesbian Visibility Week

Celebrate lesbian and queer stories with one of these insightful reads.

12 Powerful Memoirs That Don't Hold Back

These powerful, insightful, and moving memoirs never shy away from the hard truth. Pick up one of these page-turning books for a breathtaking read.

Action Packed Reads

High-octane books that will have you on the edge of your seat!

As Loved on BookTok

Discover a new BookTok fave and join in the conversation! From romance to horror, these books are #BookTok approved. #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

Asian Heritage Month

Celebrate Asian voices this May and all year long with these incredible books.

Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

Get ready for the battle of the box office! No matter what you are watching this weekend, we have a book rec to suit your mood.

Best Graphic Novels for Kids

Looking for the best graphic novels for your young reader? We've got you covered with superheroes, duelling frenemies, and magical boarding schools!

Book to Read if you love Bridgerton

Already binged the new season of Bridgerton? You need these books on your shelf asap!

Books for Hockey Fans

Learn more about hockey season with these great reads!

Books Like Us

Powerful stories. Diverse voices.

Books to Binge After Watching The Last of Us

Obsessed with HBO’s The Last of Us? Check out these apocalyptic and dystopian reads to keep you going between episodes.

Books to celebrate Lunar New Year

Celebrate Lunar New Year with these great reads.

Books to read after Daisy Jones and the Six

Love Daisy Jones and the Six? Can't wait to devour the new series on Amazon Prime? Then you'll adore these page-turning reads, including more bestsellers by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Books to read after Ginny & Georgia

Binged the latest season of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix? You'll love these nail-biting thrillers and coming-of-age must-reads.

Books to read during Transgender Awareness Week

Celebrate transgender voices with one of these insightful reads.

Books to Read for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these powerful reads for a more sustainable future.

Books to read for Spring Break for Kids

Check out these great reads to enjoy over Spring Break.

Books to read if you love Percy Jackson

Demi-gods, prepare to return to Camp Half-Blood! Check out these great reads after you watch the Percy Jackson TV series.

Books to Read if You Love Queer Fantasy

Looking for a sweeping LGBTQ+ fantasy book? Check out some of our favourite queer reads

Books to Read if You Love Stranger Things

Already binged the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix? Check out some of these eerie reads beyond the upside down.

Books to Read if You Love The Crown

Finished watching the latest season of The Crown? Get your fill for all things royal with one of these regal books.

Books to read if you love The Hunger Games

Ready to return to Panem? Check out these great reads if you love the Hunger Games.

Books to Read If You Love True Crime

These gripping novels will keep you turning the page!

Books to Read if You Love Wednesday

Obsessed with Wednesday on Netflix? Get your fill of all things spooky, monstrous, and magical with one of these books.

Books to Read if You Loved Heartstopper

Already binged Heartstopper on Netflix? Check out these sweet, funny, and relatable coming-of-age stories below.

Books to Screen

Read it before you see it! From Oscar nominees to must-watch streaming series, we've got the perfect book-to-screen choice for you.

Canadian Summer Reads

Pick one of these great books by a Canadian author to enjoy this summer!

Celebrate Black Voices

These books celebrate and appreciate Black Voices.

Celebrate Islamic History Month

Books to read during Islamic History Month

Fall into Romance

Fall for these YA romance must-reads this season.

February Feels

Feelin' crazy in love? Or maybe you've got bad blood this Valentine's Day? We've got the perfect book to match your mood.

Feelin' Your Shelf

New year, new book! Start feelin' your shelf with one of these great reads.

Goodreads Members' Most Popular Books of the Decade

Dig into Goodreads' collection of the most popular books on Goodreads in the past 10 years!

Halloween Books

The countdown to Halloween is on! Get into the spirit of the season with these nail-biting books.

Historical fiction reads for every reader

Books that will take you back in time

Holiday Romance Books

Looking for a festive swoon-worthy romance to fall in love with? Check out these great reads.

Horror Movie Book Recs - Halloween Quiz

Let us find you a terrifying read based on your go-to horror movie or tv show.

If you like Mike Flanagan then you should read these books...

Can’t get enough of Mike Flanagan? Check out these horror must reads that will have you sleeping with the lights on…

Latin American Heritage Month

Celebrate Latin American Heritage Month with these inspiring reads!

Lit Fic Fall

Say goodbye to sad girl summer, and hello to Lit Fic Fall!

May the 4th - Star Wars Day

Read these captivating books when you're craving a galaxy far, far away

Mean Girls

It's October 3rd. Celebrate Mean Girls day with these books that are so fetch.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health = Health. Books can not only boost understanding, sympathy and empathy around mental health struggles, but can also help us talk more openly to help smash the stigma.

Music Memoirs You Won't Forget

Musicians have a way with words. Dive into one of these entrancing memoirs and autobiographies today.

Must-Have Cookbooks

Shake up your kitchen with these cookbook essentials! Find your new favourite recipe or discover a new kitchen trick with these top reads.

Must-Read Satire Horror Books

Looking for a horror novel that will make your skin crawl (in more than one way)? Try one of these chilling horror books

National Indigenous History Month

Books to read during National Indigenous History Month.

Outer Banks Reads

Books to read after watching Outer Banks

Poetry Picks

Celebrates one of humanity’s most treasured forms of expression with these powerful books.

Read with Pride

Celebrate Pride Month with these books and authors!

Romantasy Must-reads

Lose your head and your heart to these epic romantasy books.

Scary Audiobooks for Halloween

Looking for a good scare? Listen to one of these chilling audiobooks by the campfire or with the lights on.

Solve a Summer Mystery

Settle by the campfire or under a beach umbrella with one of these nail-biting thrillers and mysteries that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Speculative Reads

Journey into another world and find your new favourite science fiction, fantasy and horror books.

Spicy Romance Reads

Warm up with a book this season with a spicy romance novel!

Star Trek Books

Discover the latest Star Trek books or dive into a classic series.

Stephen King Books

Read the latest and greatest books from the master storyteller—Stephen King.

Summer Eras

Discover your summer era and your next beach read!

Summer Lovin' - Books to Fall Heads Over Heels For

Fall in love this summer with a book guaranteed to give you all the feels.

Summer Playlist Book Recommendations

We have the perfect book to vibe with your favourite summer tunes.

Summer Reading for Children

Looking for fantastic summer readings for kids aged 0-12? Check your these captivating reads that will spark their imagination and keep them entertained all summer long.

Taylor Swift Eras Books

Calling all Swifties! Looking for something to read as you wait to watch the Eras tour or for Taylor's version of 1989 to drop?

The Thriller Chronicle

Find a new thrilling read.

Women's Voices

Celebrate Women's Voices Embrace equity. Pick up a book written by a female author or illustrator.