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In this transformative and emotional series, Books Like Us, Simon & Schuster Canada authors share the moment when they were able to connect with a character that reflected their own personal narrative. For diverse authors, this meeting of a literary kindred spirit may have occurred in childhood, but for many, it wasn’t until they were adults. Seeing themselves reflected in a book had a powerful impact on their sense of self and shaped the writers they would later become.

The Song of Wrath

Penny Dreadful meets The Gilded Wolves in this captivating sequel to young adult historical fantasy The Bones of Ruin that follows immortal Iris as she desperately tries to thwart her destructive destiny.

Brown Boy

A Memoir

Brown Boy is an uncompromising interrogation of identity, family, religion, race, and class, told through Omer Aziz’s incisive and luminous prose.

Authors Like Us