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Debra Silverman

About The Author

Debra Silverman specializes in helping individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. She has over 45 years of professional experience working with families, individuals, and couples in private practice. Debra works with many of the top entertainers and celebrities of our time and has had the privilege to work with celebrities like Sting, Madonna, Aaron Rodgers, just to name a few. When Debra Silverman was 20 years old, she met an astrologer who blew her mind and changed her world forever. She had been officially introduced to the world of Astrology. It was then that she realized the stars in her own world had aligned just right, and she had found her life’s purpose. Debra went on to deeply study the mind and body, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Dance from York University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Over her more than 4 decades of practice, she has helped thousands of individuals around the world.

Books by Debra Silverman