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Dee Kelly Jr.

About The Author

Dee Kelly is a master of suspense, blending historical truths with vivid characters who shed new light on the stories of our past.

His fast-paced, intriguing stories draw readers into a world of mystery, where each character and plot twist reveal more about history and human nature.

Kelly’s novels create alternative realities that blur the line between truth and fiction. His fascination with the intersection of events in history and characters in the contemporary world began in his early days as an undergraduate student at the University of Texas.

After law school, Kelly became a prominent Texas attorney, but he never lost his overriding love for books and storytelling.

The Malachi Covenant is the first novel released under his own name, following a successful series of novels published under a pseudonym.

When he’s not writing, Kelly continues to advise prominent companies and business leaders in his law practice. He serves on the boards of a number of arts and philanthropic organizations.

Kelly lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Dana, and the center of their universe, dog Scout. The Kelly’s have three beloved daughters.


Books by Dee Kelly Jr.